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As Canada’s veterans age, future generations are tasked with keeping the memory of those who fought for the country’s freedom. At the Alberni Valley Museum, that means taking care of the historical artifacts that were donated by veterans and their families.

There are a number of objects of war in several different areas of the Wallace Street facility, explains museum assistant Amy Vandal. Each has a story.

There is a WWII uniform that the late Carl Teichman wore while serving in the Second Division of the Canadian Army as a Section Commander. Corporal Teichman was with the Rocky Mountain Rangers and the Royal Regiment of Canada, serving in the Aleutian Islands and later in the repatriation from France, Belgium and Holland. During World War II he landed in Dieppe and marched to Amsterdam, where he was wounded.

The uniform consists of a gun-green wool military jacket and pants. A style called “battle dress,” the uniform was introduced in 1939 and was the standard until the 1970s.

The uniform is an important artifact for the museum in several ways, Vandal said. “We have a lot of information on this. For us, having an artifact in good condition is good, but if we know the story of the person behind it, it is more precious.

Teichman was born in Dubno, Poland, and immigrated to Prince George, British Columbia in 1931. He was a life member of the Royal Canadian Legion and also an auxiliary officer in the RCMP for several years. He was a carpenter at the pulp and paper mill and was involved in the construction of many buildings in the Alberni Valley, including the Echo Center museum.

Teichman and his wife Audrey loaned the uniform to the museum. Teichman died on December 25, 2013. One of the photos included in his obituary shows him wearing a uniform similar to the one in the museum.

In a corner of the second floor of the museum is a glass display case containing a number of medals and other artifacts relating to various world conflicts, from World Wars I and II to the Korean War and more. One of the medals was awarded to John Redford, a pioneer settler from Port Alberni, for his participation in the Boer War in South Africa (1899-1902).

The Boer War marked Canada’s first shipment of troops to war overseas, according to the Canadian War Museum. Redford was part of the Gendarmerie (SAC), a unit founded in the late 1900s when the war changed from a “rapid march to Pretoria” to a protracted guerrilla campaign.

The regiment served as a light cavalry, and Redford’s rank was “trooper,” the cavalry equivalent to an infantry soldier. Many Canadians served in the SAC because it was a way to see the action as the Canadian government debated whether to engage more men in the war.

This particular medal, according to information gathered at the Alberni Valley Museum, was awarded to the Navy, the Army and some civilians employed in an official capacity.

Redford was celebrated on his return from the war in Port Alberni in 1904. He and his brother James cultivated the “Scotch Settlement” area of ​​Port Alberni in the late 1880s and a street bears their name. John Redford died in 1950 at the age of 79.

Teichman’s uniform and other war items will be on display at the Alberni Valley Museum around Remembrance Day, during normal museum hours.

Anyone interested in “adopting” war memorabilia from the museum through the Adopt an Artefact program can ask at the front desk (4255 Wallace St.) or call 250-720-2863 and ask for the museum.

The adoption program began in 2020 with the aim of helping to protect and preserve the history and heritage of the Alberni Valley through tax-deductible donations or sponsorship of certain items. Adopters receive an adoption certificate, a photo of their object with some information about its history, and are appointed adopters for one year. They first have the right to continue the adoption in subsequent years. They cannot take the object out of the museum.

There are a few items in a product catalog for the program, but museum staff are ready to set up adoption for any artifacts of importance to anyone.

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