Watch: Stolen book returned to Ohio library after 50 years

August 17 (UPI) — A library in Ohio said a book returned to the facility after 50 years was more than just overdue — it had been stolen.

The Cincinnati Public Library said the book, Tarzan and the Tarzan twins by Edgar Rice Burroughs, was recently returned to the library with a note explaining his long absence.

“To whomever receives this, I return this book, which was not borrowed, but was ‘taken’ from the Cincinnati Public Library (Downtown, Main Branch) circa 1972-1973. I was then a young teenager. Either way, I hope you find him in good condition,” the note read.

Brian Powers, reference librarian at the downtown branch of the Cincinnati Public Library, said staff were just happy to find the book.

“The confession note shows when he released the book, but doesn’t say why he returned it,” Powers told WCPO-TV.

“Obviously he felt bad – and probably heard that there were no late fees here at the library, we don’t charge late fees. So it was probably a good opportunity this year of returning the book.”

Powers said the book would be returned to the library piles.

“It will be put back into circulation – this book came out in 1963 and it hasn’t been in our collection for 50 years, but now it will be in our collection again after all this time,” he said. “It’s fantastic that it’s now back for someone else to enjoy this book.”

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