Wayne and Holmes marriages, breakups, divorces

Marriage licenses

Holmes County

Raymond E. Miller, 7601 Township Road 513, Shreve, Shreve, truck driver, and Jodi M. Pryor, same address, housewife.

Loren D. Troyer, 5490 Township Road 260, Millersburg, carpenter / machinist, and Rosemary M. Raber, 4091 Township Road 369, Millersburg, general laborer.

Grant A. Hay, 213 S. Monroe St., Millersburg, and Felicia R. Love Messner same address, insurance agent.

Daniel S. Miller, 4985 Township Road 370, Millersburg, Crystal Springs Stables, and Ruby A. Yoder, 3278 Township Road 162, Sugarcreek, housewife.

Abe D. Miller, 4790 Township Road 629, Millersburg, Shade Lane Stables, and Wilma R. Raber, 4678 Township Road 628, Millersburg, housewife.

Merle J. Mast, 8263 Township Road 565, Holmesville, taxidermist, and Julia J. Chupp, 8348 Township Road 562, Holmesville, housewife.

Amos I. Miller, 2051 Township Road 446, Sugarcreek, WC Glass and Elaine Troyer, 6059 State Route 754, Millersburg, Gleam & Glisten Cleaning.

Marlin D. Troyer, 3520 Township Road 124, Millersburg, construction reception, and Ina M. Troyer, 2364 County Road 58, Millersburg, Guggisberg Swiss Inn.

Courtney E. Berry, 308 E. Adams St., Millersburg, underwriter, and Joseph B. Berry, same address, laborer.

Michael L. Russell, 5879 Township Road 212, Lakeville, temporary worker, and Laura D. Miller, same address, retired.

Leon Miller Jr., 4096 Township Road 371, construction, and Rachel R. Miller, 1538 Township Road 178, Baltic, housekeeper.

Brett A. Swartz, 7315 Township Road 478, Lakeville, production manager, and Taylor A. Krukenberg, same address, occupational therapist.

Nickalos S. Garlando, 339 Hickery St., Millersburg, housekeeper, and Kaitlyn J. Girouard, same address, housekeeper.

Jeffery I. Miller, 14676 Navarre Road SW, Wilmot, construction, and Marnita M. Miller, 1811 County Road 200, Dundee, housewife.

Wayne County

Forrest M. Lang, 23, 3619 Millersburg Road, Wooster, student, and Morgan A. Oberly, 23, 301 Jones St., Shreve, market leader.

Michael R. Coblentz, 24, 8280 Fountain Nook Road, Apple Creek, chimney installer, and Amy M. Hershberger, 20, 10355 Harrison Road, Apple Creek, laborer.

Kyle D. Christian, 22, 1905, chemin Portage, apt. 418, Wooster, bar manager, and Samantha E. Frutschy, 23, same address, assistant manager.

Austin T. Kunkel, 28, 695 Hart Road, Oxford, Ohio, sales, and Raegan B. Renner, 26, 935 Apple Blossom Road, Orrville, HR manager.

Leroy M. Miller, 21, 14385 Salt Creek Road, Apple Creek, woodworking, and Ruth L. Yoder, 20, 10794 Mount Hope Road, Fredericksburg, N / A.

Josiah D. Ramseyer, 24, 1328 N. Crown Hill Road, Orrville, Design Engineer, and Natalie L. Swift, 24, same address, Orrville, Brand Engagement Specialist.

Caleb J. Koczur, 21, 9489 Blough Road, Sterling, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and Carina G. Kougher, 21, 6464 County Road 25, Cardington.

Luke A. Myers, 22, 124 Pearl St., Orrville, Mover Krupp, and Cindy R. Videa Mencia, 22, 1746 Viking Ave., Orrville, unemployed.

Stephen J. Alford, 29, 92 S. Main Street, apt. J, Rittman, factory worker, and Candi N. Dipolito, 26, same address, Rittman, factory worker.

Eli N. Hershberger, 21, 9898 Hogback Road, Fredericksburg, construction, and Miriam M. Hershberger, 20, 8100 S. Apple Creek Road, Fredericksburg, housewife.

Dakota H. Jackson, 23, 1121 Point of View Drive, apt. F, Wooster, N / A, and Sabrina L. Faulk, 21, same address, Wooster, cashier.

Samuel E. Dawson, 31, 9196 Emerson Road, Apple Creek, welder, and Rachael M. Bowersock, 31, same address, Apple Creek, babysitter.

Taylor A. Thomas, 24, 68 Liberty St., Rittman, equipment operator, and Hannah M. Bucy, 23, same address, inside sales.

Cory A. Brown, 28, 84 Stevic Road, Marshallville, laborer, and Harley A. Rule, 24, same address, Marshallville, stay-at-home mom.

Stephen B. Myers, 38, 8213 Columbus Road, Shreve, CEO, and Roberta J. Williams, 31, same address, Shreve, legal secretary.

Joshua Z. Brewster, 27, 1825 W. Market St., apt. K22, Orrville, truck driver, and Haley E. Ivan, 27, same address, Orrville, mini-book collator.

James R. Miller, 24, 9198 Kidron Road, Apple Creek, construction, and Arlene A. Miller, 23, 8860 S. Kansas Road, Apple Creek, house cleaning.

Pietr G. Langevoort, 30, 2412 Weaver Drive, Wooster, IT, and Natalie L. Allen, 30, same address, Wooster, N / A.

Brian J. Hunter, 48, 18809 Warwick Road, Marshallville, truck driver, and Jessica A. Vinson, 33, 2068 19th St. SW, Akron, postman.

Daniel W. Shaw, 23, 14436 Decourcey St., Rittman, newspaper operator, and Jenna D. Betts, 22, 222 E. Main St., Baltic, sales.

Scott D. Owens, 59, 9270 Finley Road, Wooster, construction, and Lisa J. Steward, 50, same address, billing specialist.

Timothy J. Hosteler, 19, 7780 S. Kansas Road, Apple Creek, finishing, and Malinda M. Hilty, 19, 10412 Harrison Road, Apple Creek, clerk.

James M. Miller, 19, 8561 Carr Road, Fredericksburg, Construction, and Lydia Ann D. Hostetler, 20, 4198 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg, N / A.

Philip M. Wigal, 34, PO Box 26, West Salem, firefighter / ENT, and Lindsey M. Arnold, 29, 11432 State Route 39, Millersburg, RN.

Brandon A. Reed, 30, 172 N. Main St., Creston, driver, and Crystal A. Johnson, 32, same address, caregiver.

Cody B. Brown, 33, 3419 Pecan Lane, Wooster, Patient Services, and Megan M. Boyer, 30, same address, executive assistant.

Carroll L. Ayers, 45, 4200 Northrise Drive, apt. 202, Las Cruces, New Mexico, retailer, and Heather A. Reed, 38, same address, division manager.

Solomon R. Jurenec, 26, 5912 Akron Road, Lot No. 12, Smithville, press operator, and

Clarissa H. Muriah Reip, 28, same address, stay-at-home mom.

Seth Leroy Wenninger, 32, 106 Kimberly Drive, Creston, pharmacist, and Katelind A. Blosser, 30, 4465 Burbank Road, Unit 5 I, Wooster, pharmacist.

Hunter C. Mobley, 24, 564 McDonald St., Wooster Oilfield, and Autumn D. Hord, 24, 564 McDonald St., Wooster.

Derek C. Webb, 33, 7085 S. Elyria Road, Shreve, firefighter, and Stephanie M. Cline, 28, 1903 Barnes Drive, Wooster, medical assistant.


Robert Boyd II, 1056 Mindy Lane, app. 12, Wooster, and Brandy Byrd, 201 W. North St. Wooster. They married in 2009.

Joshua S. Niehaus, 606 E. Henry St., Wooster, and Felicia D. Niehaus, 600 S. Washington St., Lot 19, Millersburg. They got married in 2015.

Codie Ullman, 140 W. Second St., Perrysville, and Allie Ullman, 631 Kieffer St., Apt. D, Wooster. They got married in 2016.

Charles A. Jackson Jr., 7717 Rice Hill Road, Burbank, and Candi Mumford-Jackson, 584 Flat Lick Road, London, Kentucky. They got married in 2019.


Sheena L. Redel, 35 Salt St., Rittman, and Chad M. Ridel, 100-B County Road 1100, West Salem. They got married in 2015.

Joseph L. Pasco, 10 Township Road 1300, West Salem, and Barbara J. Pasco, 309 W. Liberty St., Ashland. They married in 2000.

Susan L. Steiner, 1944 Sunnyview Lane, Orrville, and Dennis T. Steiner, 125 Bell Ave., Orrville. They married in 2008.

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