WeTransfer and Marina Abramović unveil the brand new digital manifestation of the Abramović method available 24/7

WeTransfer invites everyone to participate in the Abramović Method with new exclusive videos of the artist herself that transcend space and time for an immersive online experience

(Left: still looking at each other, right: counting rice, both from Marina Abramović’s Abramović method, designed by WeTransfer)

London, June 15, 2021 – WeTransfer, the company with the digital suite of tools for the creative process, reveals an unprecedented digital manifestation of performance artist Marina Abramović’s famous “Abramović Method”, which explores the importance of performance art and its application in our daily life. Through a series of new videos commissioned by WePresent, WeTransfer’s digital arts platform, the acclaimed artist shares his wisdom for cultivating inner strength, focus and endurance in an exclusive collaboration of a year.

Abramović will personally guide viewers through four iconic exercises that define his unique method with new videos in an immersive online experience designed by WeTransfer. From counting the rice to the artist’s mutual gaze, a dedicated space on WeTransfer will host the experience indefinitely, accessible to its community of 80 million people around the world, 24/7, all day, all days. Beyond time zones and geographic boundaries, this is a private performance by the world’s most prolific performance artist in your home, wherever you are, as she invites you to join her to participate.

Marina has developed her method over decades of creating performative and intangible works, and this new digital iteration designed and built by WeTransfer offers viewers the first interactive experience with the artist herself. WeTransfer has created a custom video player that integrates interactive animation and audio to guide viewers through Marina’s method in the most engaging way.

This new phase follows the artist’s guest curatorship on WePresent earlier this year, through which she highlighted five emerging performance artists from around the world. In September, Abramović will share his ‘Time Capsule’, an eternal collection of references, ideas and objects through a hybrid physical and digital format that will continue to inspire us and future generations, while giving us a glimpse of his artistic universe. Similar to WeTransfer’s digitization of the 252nd Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, this new digital experience continues WeTransfer’s legacy as a supporter of creativity and the arts.

Marina Abramović said: “Being a performance artist is a very difficult task. You need a lot of preparation to make a long lasting performance work. So I developed different exercises to help me generate willpower and concentration, crossing physical and mental limits. Later, I realized that these exercises could be of use not only to me but to any profession in the world and so I did something that I call the Abramović method. After a year in which reconnecting with yourself has never been more important, I am delighted to share them with the world on WeTransfer ‘

Holly Fraser, Editor-in-Chief of WePresent said: “The pandemic has provided an opportunity for digital platforms such as WeTransfer to explore what is possible when bringing culture online. For a performance artist whose works exist primarily as an experience, WeTransfer’s creation of the “Abramović Method” in collaboration with the artist herself has given millions of people around the world the opportunity to s ” engage in an artistic practice developed from years of research, from their home. We hope that this digital experience of “the Abramović Method” not only unearths new connections with the artist’s legacy, but also with ourselves and our inner potential. “

Marina Abramović’s Abramović Method will be broadcast on WeTransfer from June 15 as part of the artist’s one-year collaboration. The experience is commissioned by WePresent and designed by WeTransfer.

Image sheet available here and to download here.

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Since the start of her career in Belgrade in the early 1970s, Marina Abramović has pioneered performance art, creating some of the form’s most important early works. By exploring her physical and mental limits, she resisted pain, exhaustion and danger in her quest for emotional and spiritual transformation.

Abramović received the Golden Lion for Best Artist at the Venice Biennale in 1997. In 2010 Abramović had his first major American retrospective and performed simultaneously for over 700 hours in “The Artist is Present” at the Museum of Modern New York Art.

Abramović founded the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI), a platform for intangible and long-term work to create new possibilities for collaboration between thinkers from all fields.

His most recent publication is Walk Through Walls: A Memoir, published by Crown Archetype on October 25, 2016. His retrospective The Cleaner opened at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in February 2017 and toured seven other European venues, including ending at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia in 2019. In September 2020, the Bayerische Staatsoper presented the world premiere of 7 Morts by Maria Callas, which will continue to tour in other venues in 2021. And she will soon present her exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, and become the first female artist in the institution’s 250-year history to occupy the entire gallery space with her work.

WePresent is WeTransfer’s digital arts platform, acting as the company’s cultural torchbearer to 4 million monthly online visitors in 187 countries. Collaborating with young emerging talents to renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic, Riz Ahmed, FKA Twigs or Bernardine Evaristo, WePresent presents the best of art, photography, film, music, literature and more again, standing up for diversity in everything he does. The platform’s orders range from editorial articles to films, illustrations, photo series, events, exhibitions and social media activations. The goal of WePresent is to offer a fresh take on the magic and mystery of creative ideas through unexpected stories that would not have found their place elsewhere.


Making a name for itself in the game of fast and easy file sharing, WeTransfer has grown into a suite of end-to-end digital solutions with users in 187 countries. The WeTransfer toolkit is uniquely designed to empower creative professionals to inspire, design, share and deliver their work, enabling collaboration and co-creation throughout the creative process. Collect is the go-to app that people turn to to record, organize, and share their inspiration. Paste® is the collaborative presentation tool of choice for rapidly changing teams. Paper® helps creative minds sketch, paint and draw. And of course, there is the original file sharing platform offering a simple and seamless way to share ideas. The company presents its global creative community on WePresent, WeTransfer’s digital arts platform, to a monthly global audience of 4 million people.

As a Certified B Corporation â„¢, WeTransfer strives to use business as a force for good. From the start, WeTransfer has donated up to 30% of advertising real estate to raise awareness among artists, creative work and the world’s most pressing issues such as climate change and gun control. This has led to partnerships with artists and organizations like Björk, Ryan McGinley, Solange Knowles, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the United Nations Development Program.


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