Why is travel insurance important for winter sports?

For family’s favorite winter hobby is skiing, proper travel insurance definitely falls into this category. Smaller or larger inconveniences can occur during a single city tour, but winter sports have a very high accident rate: at least 2 out of 1000 athletes are injured. Here’s what to look out for when choosing insurance and skiing!


General considerations

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Securing your luggage is always a smart thing to do, but when traveling with your own ski equipment, it is definitely worth choosing a structure that pays a higher amount in the event of damage. In winter, we are more prone to illness and even the weather can catch us (let’s face it, a ski paradise without snow is pretty choppy). It is for this reason that care should be taken that the costs of cancellation are also covered by the insurer. It is also important that we have a 24/7 support service that can provide immediate assistance in case of problems or emergencies. In addition, it is customary to indicate whether you are approaching your destination by car, bus or plane.


Aspects for skiing


The main consideration, of course, is to cover potential hospital costs. From ligament injuries, to hips, to severe and complicated fractures, athletes can suffer from numerous accidents, and the cost of care is often in the millions. It also matters what sport we do: statistics show that snowboarding is more dangerous than skiing, but it is also a greater risk if we play “extreme” sports (such as snowmobiling) that are not covered by conventional insurance. Liability insurance and legal aid also play a key role here: despite our best intentions, we may be harming others. It is better that the chosen design offers an adequate amount for such cases as well.


What else can we do?

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Most importantly, we must adhere to all the rules that are required by the course. They were brought for no reason, and the insurers have a good chance of dropping or reducing our claims if they think we were in trouble. We know the seductive hut atmosphere, but it is also worth treating with alcohol (it is best not to consume it at this time) as it slows down the reaction time and of course insurers do not appreciate it: not pay a penny if you were under the influence of alcohol. We can even reduce the risk if we are physically prepared for skiing! What do we mean? We work out in good shape and work out every morning before slipping and then stretch our muscles properly. It seems like a trifle, but it can protect you from a lot of inconvenience.

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