Work begins on reserve at Hockett Gulch in Eagle

A visual shows the design of a multi-family housing unit slated for development on the reserve at Hockett Gulch in West Eagle, which is slated to begin next year.
Book at Hockett Gulch / Courtesy Photo

Developers have started necessary leveling work at the historically controversial Hockett Gulch large reserve site Workforce housing development in Eagle to prepare for a groundbreaking spring break 2022.

The development was approved by Eagle City Council in September 2019 after a vocal group of community members tried unsuccessfully to call for a referendum to allow voters to determine the fate of the project.

The project is expected to generate $ 1,336,349 million in annual revenue for the Town of Eagle, but some residents objected, believing it did not match Eagle’s character.

A 2019 referendum petition filed by local resident Patrick Tvarkunas collected 304 signatures – more than the required number – but was ultimately refused by the City of Eagle because it did not comply with state law.

Earthworks began Monday to relocate a natural gas line before the new owners of the project can move forward with construction of what will eventually be 500 units of labor housing, according to a press release sent. Monday.

This work involves moving the soil through different sections of the property and should be completed in about two months.

“The teams strive to minimize the flow of dust or debris throughout the process,” project planner Dominic Mauriello of the Mauriello Planning Group at Eagle said in the statement. “The Ownership Group understands the importance of being fully transparent with the community about progress, given the high level of interest in the project. “

A visual shows the kitchen design plans for one of the reserve units at the Hockett Gulch development in West Eagle. The developers are expected to begin the first phase of construction next year.
Book at Hockett Gulch / Courtesy Photo

The new owners, Epoch GCH Hockett Gulch Holdings LLC, acquired the 30-acre development from Brue Baukol Capital Partners in October of last year, the statement said.

The purchase is a joint venture between Game Creek Holdings, a Colorado-based development company, and Epoch Residential, a Florida-based developer and operator.

The new group of owners worked on the design plans for the project and submitted the initial plans to the Town of Eagle this summer for review.

The development, which includes plans for a swimming pool and recreational facility, will form Eagle’s new western boundary near the Grand Avenue corridor.

The developers hope to start phase 1 of the project in spring 2022. This first phase will include the construction of 216 rental units, which they hope to have available for rent by summer 2023.

During Phase 2, 184 additional units will be built with unit types ranging from studios to three bedroom units.

“We want the mix of units to reflect market trends for the rental needs of the local workforce at Eagle,” said Jon Hardy, co-founder and director of Game Creek Holdings, in the release.

Almost half of the 400 housing units offered in these first two phases are under mandate requiring local employment and favoring employees of local businesses.

“We are delighted to help the city achieve its goal of creating opportunities for a diverse and achievable real estate portfolio,” said Hardy.

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