Youdi technology again won the strategic investment of the leading travel hotel group Rujia, and the index capital continued to serve as a financial advisor

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In January 2022, Youdi Technology, the world’s leading commercial distribution service robot company, announced that it had won a new round of strategic investment from Rujia Hotel Group’s First Brigade. In June 2020, after Youdi technology obtained the strategic participation of two hotel giants, Huazhu Group and ShouLv Rujia Hotel Group, ShouLv Rujia Hotel Group again invested in Youdi technology, and the index capital continued to act as a financial advisor. So far, Youdi Technology brand robots have spread to more than 600 cities and cooperated with more than 9,000 customers to provide consulting, distribution and other services to an average of more than 250,000 people per day. In the future, Youdi technology will continue to uphold the mission of “making workers no longer tired”, take robot R&D and production technology as the driving force, innovate and enable the intelligent modernization of cities and the intelligent development of industries, and continue to create more value for the field of service robots. Ms. Li Xiangrong, Deputy General Manager and CFO of ShouLv Rujia Hotel Group, said that Youdi technology has been deeply cultivated in the field of service robots for many years, and continues to research and develop products that meet the needs of customers. users in various scenarios. This investment is beneficial to both sides to make full use of each other’s advantages, further strengthen strategic cooperation, and help accelerate the development of Rujia First Brigade’s smart hotel.

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